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Introducing Sex Toys to Your Relationship

Introducing Sex Toys to Your Relationship

Sex toys have been around since the Roman times and they are still incredibly popular today.  You will hear them referred to as marital aids or adult toys, either way they can make masturbation or sex more fun.  If you take a look at just who is buying sex toys you will find it pretty much split down the middle between men and women.  If you haven’t tried adult toys before and don’t know what to buy then read on we’re here to help.

Your First Toy

Where do you start when it comes to buying your first toy?  There are tons of different options from dildos to the highly expensive sex dolls.  For women most of the time their first toy is a dildo, you want one with some flexibility so get a jelly dildo.  Guys tend to buy cock rings first as they help to prolong erections and making orgasms last even longer…win-win.  Here are some other options when it comes to buying your first sex toy.

Size Does Matter

Size and cost are two of the most important factors to consider.  In this case bigger is not always better, start with a smaller toy and work your way up to something bigger when you have more experience.  If you are buying a vibrator for instance then a small vib is more than adequate can give you the orgasm you’re looking for.  At the same time you don’t need to spend a fortune on getting a new sex toy.  You can buy a decent sex toy for under $20 and then from there you can get more expensive items.

Lube is Your Friend

If you have never tried toys like dildos or other penetrative toys then you may forget to buy personal lubricant at the same time.  Don’t even try using anal toys without it, the rectum doesn’t self-lubricate like a vagina and it can be very painful without any kind of lube.  Some lubricants are made to help relax the muscles surrounding the anus making it far more pleasurable.

Get a Toy Cleaner

Once you buy your first toy you should also make sure to pick a toy cleaner, toy cleaner is cheap and it should be used every time that you use your sex toy.  They are safe, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, all of which will keep unwanted germs and bacteria from your toys.  Take care of your toys and they will last for years.

Common Sexual Mistakes Men Make

Common Sexual Mistakes Men Make

Men don’t want to be thought of as bad in bed, at the same time orgasm for women can be hard to achieve and that can lead to everyone involved being sexually frustrated.  At the same there are some pretty common sexual mistakes that men make that leave women completely unsatisfied.  When women are sexually frustrated they lose interest in sex pretty quickly and who can blame them.  If you want a long healthy relationship complete with a sex life that is fulfilling then you need to stop these behaviors right now.

Stop Nagging for Sex

There are no shortage of men who nag or beg their partners for sex.  Women find this a huge turn off, after all do you enjoy it when your wife nags you to pick up your clothes.  Nagging for anything is annoying and your wife is going to find this a HUGE turn-off so cut it out.  At the same time trying to buy your way into her pants is equally as vile, doing the dishes without being asked isn’t a guarantee you’re going to get some.

Not Being Assertive Enough

Most women like men who are confident and a bit on the assertive side.  They like men who take control in the bedroom and are on the sexually dominant side.  Most men are too afraid of rejection and act like a wimp in the bedroom, that turns into bad sex for everyone and your woman is not happy.  All of that being said make sure that you pay pretty close attention to cues and the word NO always means NO.

You Don’t Talk Dirty

Too many men are too afraid to talk dirty, women find it just as hot as you do.  If you get it right then you can have the best sex ever!

You’re Boring

Don’t keep doing the same thing over and over again it gets boring, for you and for her.  If you want great sex then let your imagination run wild, change up the positions and the places.  Make sex exciting again like it was when you first met and you can’t go wrong.

Your Partner Doesn’t Orgasm

That is the biggest no-no.  If your partner doesn’t have an orgasm they aren’t likely to want to play very often.  Communication is key so talk to your partner and ask them what they like…then do what they like. If you want great sex and you’re doing any of these things then you need to cut that stuff out right now.  Good sex can be yours if you just put in the effort.

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